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Balloons for parties on sale!

Balloons are the most used decoration for any kind of party. The first thought is to beautify the venue where the ceremony will take place, so try to do it in the best way. They are also suitable for home parties because they are small (so ideal for those who have space problems) and are fun at the same time.

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Balloons for parties on sale!

Balloons are the most used decoration for any kind of party. The first thought is to beautify the venue where the ceremony will take place, so try to do it in the best way. They are also suitable for home parties because they are small (so ideal for those who have space problems) and are fun at the same time.

The guests will immediately be screened in a quiet, joyful and full of colors thanks to these live spots that can be distributed on tables, on the walls with the help of the scotch or even next to the cake to take magnificent photographs.

Ideal for birthday parties, parties, theme parties, baptism, marriage, graduation.

Whether it's a graduation party, a Hawaiian party, a party pajamas with friends, can not miss a light party like air!

For those who prefer to organize a party in the garden, perhaps taking advantage of a warm sunny day in the beautiful season, can not omit these items. They can be attached with colored ribbon to the trees, let them hang from branches, embellish plastic tables or chairs. In short, fantasy is not lacking.

In this section you will find lots of typologies for this article: with helium, modelable, balloon art, balloon fantasy for parties and birthday, 18 years old, colored, in 100% biodegradable latex!

Balloons for sale online at outlet prices

Foil / Mylar
a led
Helium bottles
An immense and super-convenient selection of latex balloons, with many accessories to match, for all tastes, from those colored to those in theme with the birthday kit of the most sought after children: Masha and Bear, Princess Frozen and many others.

Do you have to make a statement of love to your beautiful? Try a custom balloon with love phrases suitable for Valentine's Day. Sports enthusiasts will find their paradise on Irpot because we have a wide range dedicated to football, with the best teams in Serie A: Milan, Inter, Juventus Roma and Napoli.

Of course, you can not miss the more generic themes such as birthday, wedding, Valentine's Day, for every holiday, occasion and season.

The latex balloons

In 1824 Michael Faraday, who was using latex in his experiments with various gases, among which hydrogen created the first balloons by cutting two layers of latex in a round shape overlapping them and joining them together, still today are not made of plastic but still using the latex which is a completely natural substance. Irpot offers 100% biodegradable natural latex balloons made in Italy, from classic monochrome to the most sought-after cartoons, beautiful prints and fantasy graphics, ideal for celebrating a birthday party, a party, organizing an event, wedding, baptism or party you will also find plenty of accessories, such as colorful pesetti and ribbons.

Helium balloons

In our online balloon shop you will be able to buy helium of the best quality and the best price, shaped foil and mylar that are ultra-resistant with the silhouettes and prints of the cartoon characters made by Anagram. You will also find a lot of bottle helium use and dispose with dispenser.

Depending on how they will be inflated, you can find a thousand jobs. If you swim in the air you can make fantastic compositions, the classic bouquets using a dress to make them stand still. If they are left free at home they are a chance to play for the kids who will be able to have fun throwing them in the air.

If you prefer to swallow them with helium, you can put a sticker attached to the balloon thread and leave them free in the sky as if it were a message of hope, of wishes, of life to be thrown to everyone. Kids will have fun, but also adults.

Airwalker Balloons

They are natural-sized foil balloons of the most famous cartoon characters, from Spiderman to Batman, Mickey Mouse, Minnie and many others, can be inflated to helium or air, large, beautiful prints, ideal for decorating your party's environment, great pre bouquuet creations are also called Supershape.

Foil / Mylar / Airwalker

They are similar to Airwalkers but are not shaped and have smaller dimensions, usually round or square, can be inflated to helium or air, foil material makes them ultra resistant to the environment and temperatures, great for decorating your party birthday and cake table, can be used as decorations and mixed with Supershape and latex to create beautiful compositions.

Colored balloons

One characteristic to exploit is: color, can be used with a unique color such as red for graduates, green for wedding promises, blue or pink at birth. If you prefer the rainbow, you can safely put together more colors for a wonderful result.

Colored to decorate and set up every type of party, birthday, wedding, wedding, event. colored with printed images of available themes, letters, and greeting messages.

Shaped and modelable balloons

Balloons form, available in many shapes, from the most sought after hearts for the Valentine's Day, to classic round and square, oval, modelable, stars, numerals, letters, especially modelable ones, are ideal for birthday parties for children a very nice idea is to create the most sophisticated and bare forms to give to small guests, such as swords, flowers and puppies, thanks to the elasticity to create these cute gifts will be a joke.

Inflatable helium balloons

Inflatable helium balloons, thanks to our disposable bottles. The helium inflatables are ideal for creating compositions and decorations that float in the holiday environment, such as supershapes and airwalkers dedicated to cartoon characters. Also discover our fantastic personalized inflatables for all parties.

LED balloons

Bright LEDs are not a fantastic invention? You can let them burst, bend them in weird and bizarre forms, decorate and light up a theme party, beat them on someone's head, they are ideal for giving joy.

Baptismal bats

For baptism are very sought after, they differ in their prints that lead to the sacrament of baptism, ideal for arranging the location of the party such as the church or the church.

Letters and numbers

Our alphabet-shaped foil balloons and numbers are ideal for creating custom festoons, you can dial the name of the celebration and your birthday number, ideal for hanging behind the pie table, can be inflated to both helium and air, ultra resistant and available in different colors.

They are joyful, colorful, light and bring smiles to everyone. What would be a birthday party with many decorations but no balloons? Theme themes, latex, kits and accessories, use them in combination with colors and table coordinates, so to create a super-party difficult to forget

Wholesale for shopper

On our site you can buy wholesale, if you are a regular betting shop owner, take a look at our promotions and discounts reserved for dealers, a wide range of online balloons to resell, 10% to 20% discounts for holders of regular P.iva.

Customizable balloons

A full line of customizable, classic printed and decorated advertising balloons, ideal for promoting your company's brand within the fairs, or to celebrate your company's anniversary, a four-color or two-color silk screen printing your business logos and the date of the event.

You can order full-featured printing directly on our site, if you have any special requirements, you can email it at, print speeds and shipments in 24/48 hours.

Balloons design

Coloring balloons for children, lots of coloring designs during the birthday party, A4 leaflets to be donated to small guests during your birthday party.




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