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Frozen birthday decorations

Celebrate with your favorite Disney Princess and be prepared to spend a fun afternoon on your birthday!

On our Online Shopping you will find Birthday Decorations, Balloons, Costumes and Frozen Accessories. All of our Frozen birthday kits are sold at affordable prices and are a great starting point to create your theme...

Frozen birthday decorations

Celebrate with your favorite Disney Princess and be prepared to spend a fun afternoon on your birthday!

On our Online Shopping you will find Birthday Decorations, Balloons, Costumes and Frozen Accessories. All of our Frozen birthday kits are sold at affordable prices and are a great starting point to create your theme birthday party. The kits come with everything you need for a birthday party for 8 to 16 people, including items for decorating the table, balloons, banners, glasses and forks Frozen, fantastic soap bubbles, gift sets for celebration, gift bags or boxes to be filled with gummy candies or crispo chocolate confetti.

Make your girl's frozen party an event to remember, you'll also find many accessories that match the theme, and thanks to our customization service you can receive festons with your daughter's name, or choose to buy foil letters to be inflated to helium, to make your party unique.

Bring your own ice style to your birthday party!

The Disney movie

Frozen is a successful animated film inspired by Hans Kristen Andersen's "Queen of the Nights" fairy tale.

The Disney movie tells the story of Princess Anna of Arendelle, who leaves for an epic journey next to rugged Kristoff, her faithful reindeer Sven and the fun snowman Olaf to find her sister Elsa, whose ice powers trapped in kingdom in an eternal winter. Elsa has magical powers, can produce or manipulate ice, frost and snow at will. The story and characters have to inspire girls not to be afraid, and the movie has great soundtracks to sing together. Perhaps the most popular cartoon of the decade. Let the storm overwhelm you, and the party begins.

Decorations for the party

Each birthday party needs to be decorated, especially a Frozen theme party. Children have to leave their interests and spend time with their favorite characters. Add balloons, banners, theme table decorations, to your Frozen party! Make Anna and Elsa the stars, or Olaf the centerpiece. It brings Frozen magic all over the room. Create a magic country of ice and fun wonders. It's time to celebrate, so do not forget the confetti!

Birthday birthday frozen, if you are going to organize a wonderful frozen party for your beautiful little girl you are in the right place! Browse our online catalog and you will find a wide range of frozen items all original and certified. We also have a generic department department to create a fabulous and original party!

Buy Frozen Birthday Invitations

For your birthday party you can not buy our fantastic Frozen birthday invitations, block 6 invitations for your Disney Frozen themed party, Elsa and Anna front graphics, retro customizable with event date, place, time and details to be easily contacted.

How to Create Frozen Birthday Invitations for DIY? How to Write Frozen Birthday Invitations? These are the questions that many moms do when planning to party for her daughter! Irpot gives you the chance to buy at really tattered prices, an invitation block of only 2.00 € saving you time and money, you can customize your Frozen invitations by entering the name of the celebration, date, place, phone number and name of the invited party. You will be able to choose between invitations with custom Frozen prints, two-sided invitations with two-sided printing and a packet included. Make Anna and Elsa the testimonial of your party!


If you've come here it's because you want your beautiful little girl to celebrate her birthday together with the fantastic Princess Anna, Princess Elsa, the intrepid Kristoff, the original Olaf in the fantastic world of Arendelle, the ice kingdom where these characters take fantastic adventures to save the inhabitants of Arendelle from Duke of Weselton that aims to resume profitable business and have fun at some party!


Anna and Elsa are the protagonists of this beautiful story in the village of Arendelle, are the best friends and have fun in a world where Elsa's magical power can endanger the whole kingdom, she can create snow and ice and so go in sleds, playing snowballs and building puppets.


With our catalog of more than 8,000 products you can choose from complete kits including glasses, napkins, table coordinates, custom balloons, frozen gifts, and more ...

The first thing you have to do to organize a Frozen party is to point to the blue and white colors that are the winning combination of the colors of the animated film Frozen or point to the purple and magenta colors that symbolize the two princesses Anna and Elsa in our catalog you will find both kits to choose the best decor for your party, you could create snow mountains, snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, the beautiful glaciers, use blue and blue lights, the figurines of the characters on the birthday cake , the glitter on the crown of the celebration, cut the snowflakes to hang on the festons and garlands.

To make the party the best you can opt for using a lot of classic snow-like decorations, such as white ponies, plastic snowflakes, your ultimate goal will be to create a glacial environment to reproduce the magical world of Arendelle.

Once you have finished preparing the party with latex balloons and the silhouettes of Foil balloons to be inflated to helium, you can dedicate yourself to the activities to be played by small parties during the party. The advice is to hire two animators who thanks to your contribution and our decorations will be able to give birth to a fantastic day, unforgettable for all, big and small.

To break the ice you could start with a castle-inflatable inflatable where children can skip and slide on a soft carpet. One of the activities that we found very original is to stick Olaf's nose once you have drawn the character on a cardboard, bend the children who will have to try to stick the nose on the template.

Finally you could turn classic "Pass the ball" with a snowball, the kids in the circle will have to pass the ball between them, when the music is stopped, the competitor who finds the ball in his hand is disqualified, until he has a final winner.

Frozen Carnival Dress

To celebrate the Carnival or the birthday party, a fantastic idea is to dress your little Princess Frozen girl, be excited about the idea, discover our beautiful costumes dedicated to the two princesses Elsa and Anna, plus you can complete the costume with the Elsa wig, crowns and ice crystals, Frozen carnival dress for a unique and unforgettable holiday.

The Frozen Birthday Cake

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide for your Frozen pie? Read our guide to making your home base and decorations in sugar paste, facto and process related, ingredients for the cake base, tools to use for making sugar paste and 10 original ideas of Frozen pies in 3d or with waffle.

Frozen Caramel

To set up the Frozen Caramel on the birthday party table you can buy on our site decorations to decorate the table and the candy to serve the small guests, you can choose between Frozen sweet candies, gummy candies, spiral lollipops, marshmallow and chocolate confetti.

Also for decorations you can buy glass jars, centerpiece trays, cupcake cups, cake doughs, colored bowls and flags to write the tastes of candy and confetti!



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