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If you are in the mind of organizing a birthday party of a year, a birthday party for children, an 18th birthday party, or maybe you are a private or an agency that organizes theme birthday parties, you are in the right place! Take a look at our vast inventory of affordable birthday decorati...

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If you are in the mind of organizing a birthday party of a year, a birthday party for children, an 18th birthday party, or maybe you are a private or an agency that organizes theme birthday parties, you are in the right place! Take a look at our vast inventory of affordable birthday decorations, centerpiece and birthday decorations, themed decorations for any festive party you can imagine, are part of our online shopping.

Add to this our unmistakable birthday invitations selections, all of the most wanted cartoon characters, birthday banners and banners and over 1,000 tableware and Irpot will delight your first birthday choice!

Birthday decorations start with us!

Birthday gifts ranging from saucers and glasses, table accessories, banners and balloons, put together for you in fantastic assorted kits for all your needs.

At a party it is good to see decorations and color, simple but effective to turn a kitchen or just a garden or garden into the world of wonders for the little ones, in our catalog you will find many ideas to start right away to create a dream holiday. .. remember unforgettable!

The most beautiful holidays are the ones that stand out for the curiosity, for the creativity and the joy of the celebration, on our site as well as the catalog for the little ones you will find many ideas for creating super parties of marriage, baptism, communion, birthday of eighteen years. What are you waiting for?

In this section you will find everything for:

Your son's baptism - we baptized
Your wedding - wedding decorations

Theme Parties - Decorating Theme Parties

Birthday Kit


Carnival - Costumes - Ideas

Celebrate birthday

Wide range of festoons to hang for the birthday of your children, matched to the theme chosen by you, customizable by the name of your baby, just give us the name at the time of purchase, you can hang over the buffet table and the cake giant festoon with the scream "Many Maria birthday wishes" - you can also customize the phrase.

Birthday parties for our children are an opportunity to have fun, play and play with them, but also a fun way to entertain fun party design with birthdays and gifts! If you need to arrange the birthday party for your kids, you are in the right place, Irpot offers you a wide range of products to create the best outfits with cheerful party kit with cute animal designs or fantastic cartoon characters.

In addition to table coordinates you will find everything you need to organize your party, latex balloons, airwalker balloons to be helium, posters and wall decorations, gadgets, accessories, sparkling stars, paper caps, flying lanterns, facial tricks and body, costumes, darts for playing pots, festoons, garlands, hanging rosettes, foil letters and card numbers, customizable birthday invitations, gift sets for celebration, soap bubbles, bouquets and gift cards, all for cakes, wax shaped candles and much more

First birthday

In this dedicated section you will find a complete line to celebrate your baby's first birthday, lots of articles dedicated to this theme, many characters created to make the party truly unique, from Mickey Mouse to Minnie Baby, Disney Classics but not just, you'll find complete tableware kits with prints and number 1, festoon and first birthday garlands, cakes and decorations, candles, invitations and everything you need to get the best out of your party!


Decorations birthday  There are 5700 products.



Birth decorations

So many ideas to dress up your baby's first party!

Decorations for birth, candy, festoons, garlands, flags, complete kit for tableware: glasses, napkins, plates and balloons, birthday gifts and much more.

Beautiful coordinates specially designed to celebrate the birth of a baby, with graphics and luminous prints of number 1, mixed with the character you choose, you will have everything you need to set up your buffet table with pans, glasses, napkins and pvc tablecloths. In addition to completing the decorations, you can choose from many wreaths, festoons, pendants and flags, shaped balloons with the inscription Welcome, invitations for the party.

For gift makers you will have the opportunity to buy our birthday gifts, many models to match with colorful flakes, confetti and magnets always in line with the chosen theme.

In this section you can find many nice ideas to start planning your birthday party, we assure you that you will not need to look in any other place, our range of births is complete and cared for in each category.

In detail you will find:

  • Coordinate birth table
  • Celebrate birth
  • Ballons and balloons born
  • Birthday cupcakes
  • Heavenly baby bibs carry confetti
  • Pink caps carry confetti
  • Baby Mickey
  • Minnie baby
  • Container bags

Baptism decorations

Baptismal decorations to celebrate a significant day for baptism and birth parties

Celebrate a significant day and make it even more memorable with good taste spending little! Take a look at our decorations and baptismal decorations, our baptismal themes include decorations and consumables suitable for a child, boy or adult.

In our shop you will find: tableware, thank you cards that will make the party of the party simple from start to finish. For all those who are short of time, money or both will love our kits complete with tableware, accessories, dishes and glasses, napkins and balloons, all kinds of dresses, festoon baptism and centerpiece.

Customize your decorations

And also possible through the personalization that Irpot makes available, to create a fully customized baptismal party from start to finish. Photo Invitations, you can choose from hundreds of templates or professional templates that are a great starting point. It is also possible to create a custom coordinated table, plates, glasses, celebration napkins and a custom message. Complete your table by purchasing solid colors such as balloons and sparkling stars that allow you to get the maximum visual impact with a minimum budget.

If you are looking for decorations and baptismal decorations to set up the party at the restaurant, church, table, DIY, lots of disposable items to decorate your home on this unique and unforgettable day.

Baptismal bats

The balloons are the soul of decorations and a party, they help in setting up and in the scenery for your decorations, you will find a full range of latex balloons and heart shaped foil bottles to create beautiful compositions to be placed on the sides of the cake table.

The bomber or birthday favors

All the family and friends will meet to celebrate your little one this big day, from a look at our baptismal chocolates and you will not be disappointed with so many ideas to create beautiful baptismal baptismal cherubs thanks to our buckets, confetti , bags, magnets, key rings to create your own bouquet will be a joke, enough to be endowed with enough manual and so much creativity.

Coordinated baptismal table and complete kits

Decorations for the table of your baptism. Baptism is a very special day for many families. In addition to being the child's celebration, it is also an opportunity for parents to test by organizing a perfect day. After the church ceremony, many people decide to celebrate with relatives and friends. For the great event you will need table coordinates, decorations, centerpiece to organize a memorable party, make sure you have everything you need and remember that this is a great event in a family's life, our sets are full of 23cm, dessert dishes, napkins, 20ml glasses and PVC tablecloth.

For the baptismal cake you will find decorative sets, candle wax and shaped teddy bears, baby bottles and baby prams, polystyrene bases, and lots of cake design accessories to create three-dimensional cakes.

Birthday Kit

Birthday Kits - Party Items - 1 Year Birthdays

birthday kit, on Irpot you can find: birthday party kits, baptisms and communions, baby and baby birthday kit and themed parties, lots of cartoon characters, Disney animation films to classics like Mickey, Minnie, Frozen, Snow White, Masha and Bear, plus many themes dedicated to Marvel comics characters like Spiderman, Iron Man and Avengers.

Articles for birthday parties

A full section dedicated to children, lots of articles to celebrate your child's birthday, from birthday, birth and baby or toddler, you'll find a wide range of set and table coordinates, ideal for setting up a buffet table your theme party, complete with dishes, glasses, napkins and tablecloths, wreaths, festoons, flags, centerpiece, muffin door, forks, cutlery, straws.

You will also be able to complete and make your party unique with our floating and scenic decorations, helium-shaped balloons, character-tailored compositions, poster and wall decorations, many unique items of their kind, and all branded and copyrighted originals . And gift sets for celebrations, personalized bags, soap bubbles, gadgets and accessories, umbrellas, ghouls, wax candles, cake decoration sets, customizable birthday invitations, gift boxes. Make your son's birthday unique and unforgettable by making a truly memorable theme party, super-affordable prices and products you will not find in traditional stores, fast shipping in 24 hours, secure payments.

Birthday 1 year - first birthday

Decorations and decorations to celebrate your son's first birthday with beautiful prints recalling 1 year, 1 year blue and pink latex balloons to 1 meter shaped balloons to be inflated to helium or air and hanging behind the table of the cake. First birthday invitations and numbered candles in wax with number 1. Everything you need to celebrate your son's first birthday party in the best way, you can buy plenty of party accessories, from Topolino baby's garlands, to the "Fun at one "for male and female. Lantern wreaths with number 1 or colored festons and 10 meter long flags, many birthday ideas 1 year to set up a unique and unforgettable party.


Wedding arrangements

Decorations and decorations for your wedding party, unique items!

Irpot offers the most sought-after selection of wedding decorations that can be adapted to any style, theme, and color. All of our ideas for decorating the table are designed to be functional and decorative. Sprinkle custom flower petals on the tables to add that personal touch, or fill the sky of flying paper lanterns.

Your dream is an elegant black and white wedding reception, but trying to save on the cruise honeymoon? You are in the right place! You can find irpui from the gift buckets, flying lanterns, placeholders of all kinds and scattering them, a wide range of decorations and themed wedding decorations.

So many chic but affordable decorations for your wedding, table sets and car decoration. Wedding decorations by color, from traditional white to pink and blue caribbean, from centerpiece to wall decorations, all easily orderable on our site with a few clicks and delivered quickly to your home.

Remember that we have articles not only for the wedding party, but also for receptions and bachelor parties.

Theme party

Theme Parties - Decorations and Decorations - Party and Birthday

Organizing a theme party means letting all the fantasy and creativity we have inside. It means thinking of every little detail to make it spectacular. The theme party is an experience that at least once in life is done because it gives you a million beautiful emotions that will then take you long.

Events, special occasions are all focused on a chosen theme and well-established that must be respected in clothing, accessories, music and, very often, in food. One must be one with the party, an integral part of a precise and well-structured organization.

Obviously all this requires a thorough and accurate preparation. Nothing will be left to chance, nothing is sudden. You will buy items, clothes, gadgets ad hoc, you will choose the style to follow and will not change course. One can leave inspiration from some tv program, from a magazine, the important thing is to be original.

There are so many theme parties for both big and small. As for theme themed children will look very much like cartoons, favorite TV series, imaginary characters appearing on the big screen. For adults, for example, you can concentrate on music as "the 80's."

The 80's is characterized by a hippie style, trend in vogue at that time. So for the decorations you will choose bright colors, even mixed with each other. Just keep in mind the "Flashdance" movie: Cottoned hair, big shoulder jackets, cigarette pants and rock music in the ears.

A much loved party especially for children is the theme of Halloween. It is an American tradition that we have adopted with great pleasure in Italy. everything is orange, pumpkin color, symbol of October 31 par excellence. The style will be somewhat gothic, almost dark, so you prefer dark colors. It usually celebrates in late evening to recreate a lively atmosphere, bright lights and dangling cobwebs, some skulls here and there.

One of the most loved ones is Christmas. Very often, given the rigid temperatures that are reached in December, we will try to organize something in a closed environment, a home or a place for parties. The glittering Christmas trees decorated, the magic of gifts under the trees, everything is painted in red, silver and gold. Dishes, glasses, tablecloths will all be decorated with reindeer, red balls, laurel. Garlands in every corner of the house, balloons, festoons. Everything is ready for a fantastic evening to remember forever!

How to organize a theme party?

Organize a theme party that is remembered forever, make sure your theme party is a real success with Irput birthday accessories. Our costumes, assorted kits, inflatable balls and confetti in unique shapes create the right atmosphere for your party.

Are you looking for ideas to organize your party? without spending too much money, and without taking too much time in your free nights and weekend? You are in the right place. Be confused with our costumes, table decorations, masks, accessories, balloons, and wall decorations.

Decorations for your theme parties

In this section you will find a wide range of coordinates for the complete table of dishes, glasses, napkins and pvc tablecloths for all occasions, from the festive party, a Hawaiian party, the party to celebrate Halloween, a pirate party, or a sexy party for celibacy or bachelor party and for any surprise party.

You'll find everything you need to set up your environment, from garlands and festoons hanging over the buffet table, wall decorations and paper posters, card templates of your favorite theme, full-length characters, and still shaped foil / mylar balloons to blossom helium or classic monochrome latex balloons and with the prints of the chosen theme, you can create beautiful compositions or buy one of our bouquets.

And a set of endless party gifts, unique and unavailable gadgets and accessories, masks and costumes, crowns, festoon pendants, wigs, stage tricks, centerpiece, scenery, lots of accessories to create cakes and sweets, invitations for your party and candles classic or flambè, candy for party and confetti Crispo.

Topics available

Celebrate the Halloween night, with our decorations, costumes and wigs, and lots of gifts and accessories to be delivered to guests. Do you want to host a tropical vacation in our garden? No fear, with our Hawaiian-themed party decorations, buy pareo, clothes, costumes, flower necklaces is simple and just a few clicks.

Irpot offers many special themes and complete everything you need to organize your theme party!

Decorations and accessories for theme parties, party and outfits, you can find gadgets and accessories to organize a theme party comfortably in your home garden or in a room.

Want to create a fun themed party? thanks to our products you can indulge and use all your fantasy, you can create imaginative places, past or futuristic scenarios, cartoons and television sagas.

Costumes, accessories, decorations, table coordinates, glasses and plates, balloons, confetti to reproduce the right environment for your home!

Thanks to our catalog you will have ideas and insights to find out which could be the right theme for your party! Ideas and tips for how to decorate your home thanks to our decorations.

Do you need ideas and insights to understand what your party's theme might be?

We do not just give you an idea we give you the right advice for the decorations, gadgets, gadgets, costumes and the best masks to make your party a success.

For a successful theme party choose among these fantastic categories:

  • Hawaiian theme party
  • Pirate Theme Party
  • Laureate themed party
  • Party Sexy Party - bachelor party
  • Halloween Decoration
  • Summer party
  • Sea party
  • celebrities Disney characters
  • 30th Birthday Party
  • Holiday 70s
  • Adult birthday party
  • Holiday Paris - Paris
  • Feast away
  • Military theme party
  • Celebrate musical notes
  • Western Theme Party
  • Superhero Festival
  • Gotham City Party
  • Hollywood Party
  • Monster Festival
  • Serial Killer Party
  • Party with Alien
  • Dinner with a crime
  • White Night Celebration
  • Blue Night Festival

Take a look at our make-up sets with so many accessories to color your hair Themes for outdoor birthday parties With the beautiful season to organize a birthday party at the park is enjoyable and very successful

End gifts birthday party

End gifts birthday party

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